Validate a row edited based on a value entered

I have a table with people, each person have many cars

A person can add cars to anyone but in the end of the form there’s a field called PIN wich is an 8 digits number so that i can’t add cars to Joe unless Joe gives me he’s PIN number. So cars are filtered based on the PIN of each person. So it doesn’t matter if someone adds a car to me if inserts a wrong pin, it won’t show.

How can I make the same but with the edit action?
For example, I want to change one of my car’s color to red but the change won’t save unless I enter the PIN again.

I think the path to follow is make a set of actions but I’m not clear of how. Maybe duplicating the row, or inserting the pin before showing the list of cars. I don’t know.

Perhaps turn on Reset On Edit for the PIN field, and keep it as Required, and use the same validity check that you previously used.

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