Validate a Scanned QR code and remove drop down selection

I’m trying to force the user to enter the info into the form using a QR code only. At the same time, I want the user to be given an error message if the QR code has already been scanned. (I.e. “This QR Code was scanned on XXX date by XXXX person”. Both of these pulled from another table.

I’ve used REF as my column type but this allows the user to view and select the QR code from a drop down menu. Thoughts?

It appears in your case a valid code is one that does not occur in another table. Try a Valid If expression of:

NOT(IN([_THIS], another-table[qrcode-column]))

replacing another-table and qrcode-column appropriately.

You can the use the Invalid value error expression to generate an appropriate error message.

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This works however just using the default error message locks up the app. Not able to rescan, cancel or save. Can’t even go back to earlier screen. bug?

Nevermind, seems to be working fine now after a couple closed apps and resyncs. Thanks again!

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