Validate an entry against a table column without a dropdown displaying

I have a list of instructors who use our app to enter in data about the classes they teach. However, they keep spelling their own names wrong . . . don’t ask . . . but this messes up our downstream data.

What I am trying to do is have the “Email Address” entry check to see if the email is in a column in google sheet. If it is, then all good. If not, then it should show an error that it is in invalid.

Dereference doesn’t work bc it shows a drop-down and we don’t want to show the names of everyone. I read another thread that suggested using table access but I’m not sure what it meant.

Any and all help is MUCH appreciated! =)

You can create a validation like AND(TRUE,IN([Email],TableName[Email])). If the typed email address is in that table, result is TRUE.


Thank you!! This worked :smiley:

You’re welcome