Validation of form input

hello i have a form input field that’s meant to capture a 6 digit number. whats the validation code for this .please see image attached

I also need help on specifying input patterns for this “123 UAX4” (3 digits space 3latters and a digit at the end)

What’s your validation for that [IMEI] column?

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Please post a screenshot of the expression. From the error message, it appears you’ve improperly included a leading = and enclosed the remainder of the expression in quotes.

i want it to only except 6 numbers example 123456

Can it began with “0” (zero) for example? If not and it’s a mere number type; than you can set the Display Mode of your Number columns as Label and use a validation of:

[IMEI] <= 999999

hi LaventK i tried
[IMEI] <= 999999

but this allow even inputs that donot make 6 digits .yet i want it to allow only 6 digits not less not more

Logic is the same…To allow exactly 6 digits, the valid if shall be:


let me try it out