Value 'XXXX ' in field 'YYYYYY' cannot be converted to type 'Enum'."

I am working on the App for COVID-19 and trying to assign task to a volunteer based on USEREMAIL()
Value should be assigned to a column “Volunteer Name” which is enum.
I am getting error “Value ‘XXXX YYYYY’ in field ‘Volunteer Name’ cannot be converted to type ‘Enum’.”

Here is the lookup:

LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(), “PPE Delivery Volunteers”, “e-mail”, _ComputedName)

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @Constantin_Eizner,
Can you check the type of the field _ComputedName? It seems it would need to be an Enum if you want to assign its values to ‘Volunteer Name’. If not, try changing the type of ‘Volunteer Name’ to ‘Text’ or ‘Name’.

_ComputedName is a “text” and it is auto-calculated . I think changing it to enum won’t help as it will require list of possible values which is dynamic.

Have you tried changing ‘Volunteer Name’ from ‘Enum’ to ‘Text’ (or ‘Name’)?

I found the issue. One of the “First Name” Value was "Constantin " with \0x20 (space) at the end. Once I cleaned it up everything is working like a charm.