Values from columns (column is a formula based on other values in the sheet) disappears

Here is a video of what I am describing. I am using a database and the column type is decimal.

Are the computed values being stored in the database correctly?

Please post screenshots of the affected column configurations.

| bol_total_labor | decimal(9,2) | YES | | NULL | |
| bol_totalmat | decimal(9,2) | YES | | NULL |
| bol_storagecharges | decimal(9,2) | YES | | NULL |

| total_addserv | decimal(9,2) | YES | | NULL | |
| bol_totalcharges | varchar(255) | YES | | NULL | |
| bol_deposit | decimal(9,2) | YES | | NULL | |
| bol_totaldue | varchar(255) | YES | | NULL |

i have tried bol_totalcharges and bol_totaldue a few different column types.

when i search the values in MYsql they are still NULL

would it be easier to write a code that calculates bol_totalcharges and bol_totaldue in the database itself?

I don’t know what all this is telling me. Are these the SQL column settings? I’m really more interested in the AppSheet column configurations. Sorry for the confusion.

So, no, the values aren’t being saved?

That depends on your database skills, but AppSheet prefers to manage the data it’s expected to use, so doing it in the database may cause problems later, it will require a sync before the value will be visible in the app, and will prevent the calculation from occurring while the app is offline.

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so these are all the column configurations. Is it because the things that are being added together to get bol_totalcharges are formulas themselves?

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I don’t think so.

I suspect the problem might be that the database is rejecting the values for some reason. As a result, the fields in the database row remain NULL. When the app syncs in the background, the database returns the NULL values of those fields, AppSheet sees they’re blank in the database, so blanks the app’s copy.

Is there a log file on the database that might show why the update failed? The audit log in the app editor might show something as well.

So you know, I’ve not used AppSheet with a database back-end, so I’m winging it here. You may want to engage to get someone more qualified.

I agree. I think it has to do the with column type in the database. just not sure which other column type to try to get the data to stick

Here is another video that may help someone (smarter than me :thinking:)

this seems to be the issue… just don’t know how to solve it.

here is a video with sound