Values from User settings are returning blanks. !Urgent!

Almost all my apps relied on the user settings (USERSETTINGS) and currently, all settings are returning all blank. That’s affecting to all my apps.

The user settings are used to give read or write access to users and all are broken now in all of my apps.
All security filters which relied on the user settings are also broken.

It’s urgent. Please help.


There was something with yesterday’s update that causes android phones to need their cache cleared.

Or is this on a PC too?

There seems to be something weird happening globally across Apple Android PC. Some of my Slices are dependent on values in UserSettings as well so our issue might be related

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I was just looking at that one… trying to find an app to test things out.

I’m seeing slices working, actions working… everything seems fine. What platform, you know?

I’m using iOS. When I first loaded the app it seemed fine, then after 2 minutes everything that depended on a Slice depending on UserSettings just went dark.

Mine too, USERSETTINGS not working any more. Please fix asap AppSheet Team


indeed: @Aleksi @praveen

I’m seeing problems on android - and on web; both are showing the signs of UserSettings variables NOT being present anymore.

Hm. I checked on a test app (created a while ago but not depolyed) and it is working OK. But all my deployed apps (multiple tables with bigger dataset) are having this issue.

For the mobile phone issue, we were having same issue yesterday in our Android phones (no iphones). All the forms are showing blanks. Have to uninstall and reinstall the appsheet so that it show the forms correctly.

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Thank you all for reporting this.
We are looking into a code change that we deployed today that could have impacted UserSettings.
I’ll keep this group updated.


We’d like to test an hypothesis, can we ask you all to clear cache and reload your app again? We are wondering if it is another case of the device not getting the latest bits and thus getting out of sync with server.
Thank you

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on Android, I’ve cleared cache & storage data, uninstalled and reinstalled. After relogin, the issue still remains
on web, cleared all cookie and data from Appsheet website. After relogin, the issue still remains

OK. Thank you Maple

on iOS force quit the app to clear cache and problem still remains

It’s been about three hours since my app doesn’t work properly!

when loading the app, through the “user settings” step parameters for the “security filters” and display the information that the user can see and manipulate and are seeing the information that they should not, so I think that the “SECURITY FILTERS” does not do they work!!!

I present a parameter of USER SETTINGS on the screen and if it is shown, so I think that what does not work are the “SECURITY FILTERS”

I pass screen where I set the value of “USER SETTINGS”

This happens on Android and PC, I think on OS too!

check and correct, support area !!!

Oh snap, something just changed right now and it seems that my Slices dependent on UserSettings are back online. Maybe others can confirm function is being restored.

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HI All, our engineers have worked on a fixed and just finished deploying it. Can you please purge your app, reload them and let us know if the problem have been addressed or whether they still remain?
Thank you for your patience with this.

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That’s good. That’s because we just deployed a fix. Thanks for confirming it seems to have taken care of the issue for you. Waiting on others now to confirm as well.

@Efren , can you also confirm your app is working again please?
Thank you


Mine is working fine again. Thanks for quick response

Unfortunately, I am still having the same issue. I just checked on Andriod apps. I reinstalled the app.

I will check on Window Chrome browser and let you know.

Checked on Window Chrome browser. Some apps are working. The original app in which I discovered the bug is still having loading issue.

I will recheck on the mobile apps.