Variable inline column distribution depending on view

Hello friends, i got a situation involving references between tables.

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I have a few connected tables named [Site], [Contractor] and [Job], given in order of hierarchy. the [Job] table has a [Status] column which can be “Ongoing” or “Finished”, and i’m trying to obtain a column distribution for the inline view of [Job] on the [Site] detail view and a different one for the [Contractor] detail view, while filtering the rows according to the [Status] column.

Any ideas on how to accomplish both tasks at the same time?

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What does that mean?

O, perhaps better: what do you want displayed on each of the views?

With “column distribution” i meant that i want to show different columns of the same table on each of the inline views.

For example, for the inline view of the [Job] table in the [Site] detail view i’d like to see the columns [Contractor], [Job_number] and [Date_started] , this inline view would show only the “ongoing” jobs as defined by the [Status] column. To serve as a “pending” list of jobs per site.

And for the inline view in the [Contractor] detail view i’d like to see the columns [Job_number], [Status], [Date_started] and [Date_finished], so it works as a sort of job history for the work done by the contractor in a given site. Fix Parrot

To do this, each of the columns must of type List of Ref to its own slice of the same table. For each slice, create a table view in the ref position with the desired columns.


That did the trick ! thanks a lot @Steve partyparrot (Appsheet)

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HI there

@Rafael_ANEIC-PY I want to do the exact same thing, but I don’t get what @Steve just said.
I think I misunderstand what is said there.
Can you share a picture or a short video of how you built that, in order to enlighten me ?

Thank you in advance for your help

Hey @Aurelien, videos are not my strong suit, basically what Steve said can be done following these steps:

  1. Create a slice of the table with your desired alternative column distribution.
  2. Create a table view of the slice in the ref position.
  3. Add a new virtual column to your table, using the ref_rows() formula pointing at your slice.
  4. Manage show_if conditions as you see fit for your new custom made inline child view.

Very nice, I got it.

I tried something similar a few days ago, but I didn’t get any satisfying result. I have been missing something, for sure !

I will give it another try, thank you very much for your help and your responsiveness !