Variable Max. Nested Rows


Hello, I have an app with a single parent table and multiple child tables. Character is the top level table, and the 2 children (0 to may for both) are Character Photo and Character Quality. My Detail view for the Character information displays inline tables for the Photos and Qualities. I have the Max Nested Rows in the Character Detail View set to 2 right now, but what I want is to have a variable number based on which child list is being displayed. For example, I want to display 0 Photos (but still have the “View X” and “New”) links, while displaying 2 Qualities. There is of course the Max Nested Rows entry on the Detail View settings of Character, but that affects all child tables the same. Is it possible to treat different child lists separately in terms of the number of rows to display?

Unfortunately, no.

OK thank you for the reply.

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