Variable transition types between views

I think that being able to alter the transition between views would make apps run faster. Similar to the way slides transition in Power Point. You can make them fade in, slide in or just appear, etc. This could speed up the user interface.

As an example I had a recent problem with needing to count things quickly where each value counted was added to a new row. Ideally the user would have been entering a value into a form and pressing save, then the form would immediately be ready on screen to take another value for another row.

Initially I was using from auto re-open, but moved to an action at form close approach to speed things up. This is still limited by the transition speed between views. Here is what was happening for each.

The auto re-open has to:

  • Drop onscreen keyboard
  • Close the form
  • Return to the parent view that the action was triggered from
  • Re-open the form on the child
  • Raise the onscreen keyboard

The action to the same form has to:

  • Drop onscreen keyboard
  • Slide in a new form from the right
  • Raise the onscreen keyboard

It’s the old argument of function over form. Most of the time I don’t care too much what something looks like as long as it is efficient, but sometimes things need to look nice at the expence of efficiency. Being able to pick either a smooth or snap transition would allow apps to work faster or look nicer.