Variance between AppSheet Distance() and Google Maps

Our client is providing shipping cost quotations with the starting and destination zip codes. I’ve imported a zip code listing containing the LAT/LONG of each zip code in the US, determined the DISTANCE() between the two zip codes and multiplied to obtain the mileage ([vir_distance]*0.621371)). The client is inquiring about the difference between the Google Map mileage calculation vs. AppSheet. Can anyone provide some background and what has been implemented to help eliminate the variance?

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The difference is because the DISTANCE expression is calculating the direct path from point A to to B where Google Map is calculating with the street route.

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Thanks Aleksi. For reference, Praveen posted a super helpful article for an external service similar to Google Maps API for a spreadsheet formula. Here’s the article link:


Thanks Daisy, yes I’m aware of this one :slight_smile:

Yes, I was hoping to make available to anyone finding my inquiry :slight_smile:

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