Vehicle inspection app

Hello everyone,

I am creating an inspection app for our collision center so that the appraiser can go out, take pictures, and then it will be automatically sent to the estimator.

I have three tables :




There’s one client, but can have multiple vehicles and inspections.

My vehicle table has a client reference, and my inspection table has a vehicle reference. However, when the inspection is created, is shows the customers unique ID, I would like however, to link the inspections to the vehicle itself, so it makes it easier.

Also, there will be multiple images added to the inspection. Should I do a Picture 1 picture 2 picture 3, or should I create another data table ‘‘damages’’, so I can set the number of pictures I want ?

How can I accomplish this task?

Thanks a lot guys.

HI @Jimmy_Ruptash

you should create another table, unless you wish to add a specific number of pictures.
So, you will have your “damage” table with columns:

  • key (initial value: UNIQUEID())
  • inspection (type ref, source table: inspection, option “is part of”: “yes” if you wish to add it directly at filling the form)
  • picture (type:image, or drawing if you want to draw something to circle some specific points for example)

Thank you very much