Vertical Scroll Bar should become available all the time even creator turns the horizontal scroll mode ON

I have been wondering if I should place this post as bug report or feature report, but now leaving as feature quest to get eyes from community to gain support.

This was originated from the feedback from my app users recently. Their request is making sense to me so I submitted request to Appsheet team to consider, but let me place the same here to share the community to see what I m asking for.

The title of this post could be self-explanatory, but let me explain.

Then we set the table view with default mode, the vertical scroll bar is always available to move up and down. As as web app, this is basic. This is assisting user to jump from current viewing set of rows to other rows which sits something like thousands rows either down or upwards.

However, when creator turns on the horizontal scroll bar, then another difficulties come up.

Until the user scroll to the right end of horizontal bar, the vertical scrolling bar wont be available.

when the user is on either left edge or in the middle of the columns for table view, the vertical scroll bar is not available. Then they need to use the mouse controller to scroll up and down.
This is troublesome when we have high volume, thousands or 10 thousands of row for this table.

BUY LOGICOOL, high end mode mouse, MX Master 3 or 2, which have super fast scroll function. I cant say to my clients.

Simply i wish to make the scroll bar for both vertical and horizontal directions, available all the time.

Hope this makes sense for all the app users.

Vote vote ! please.

My clients and users asking if this can be taken to get the better users experience, so please allow me additional comments to get the eyes from the community and to get more votes.

Currently we are not able to “freeze” the column in the table view. When the users play around on the table view with number of column and items, they will scroll up and down on the table view to find their target row want to see. To make this action easier, the vertical scroll bar is helping them to jump the number of the rows instantly and move up and down to search. But fo the moment, vertical scroll bar is only available when the user scroll to the right and hit the end.
At that time the user go to the upper right end of the column, then we wont see the key fields name which should give a hint to user what each row data should have and contain.
Then the user need to go right back to right to see the column fields on the left hand site.

I know the users frustration when we have number of rows and column in table view. This should be common issue across all the appsheet user, hoping this will get more of votes, thank you.


I think this is more a bug then a feature request. It does not make any sense why you would need to scroll all the way to the right to just be able to scroll down.

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