Very frustrating problem with references. I ...

(Mark Brownlee) #1

Very frustrating problem with references.

I know how to do table references and

they work great.

But there is a recurring issue when I reference several tables to one master table, called “Project Master.”

I have linked orders, requisitions, budgets, etc but only one of the referenced sheets shows up on any individual project, and it is the same referenced table whether or not there is data, which is good.

The other referenced tables simply do not show up.

I cannot figure out why.

All settings are the same for each linked table, using the same project key.

All seem to be set up identically with the same process, but only one of four reliably shows for each project.


And how do I fix?

Two screenshots attached…


(Reza Raoofi) #2

Make sure none of those “Related …” columns are hidden or have something in their Show_if that would make them hidden.

Also there is a chance you have a Detail view based on the Project Master table with a selection of columns that only includes Project Budgets, and does not include those “Related …” columns from the rest of the tables.