Video Capture

Video capture would be an added bonus for supporting future functionality. Hope to see this capability soon.

HI Taylor, Yep this is something we are investigating. Video poses some challenges due to possible volume of file, transfer and synchronization velocity impacts.
Let me put this the question out there for everyone? What acceptable limitation would you be comfortable with for your scenario (10 seconds max, 25Mb max, other restrictions ideas…)?
@Gil ^

The best “option” for the users (app creator) should be we are able to “optionally” put a bar for those, while we may have max allowance posed by Appsheet as platform.

According to recent roadmap shared through the webinar, I understand it is already in a pipeline!?

There should be bunch of use cases for video capture features, and sort of “inspection” or “field” app should fit with Appsheet app I assume. In that case, possibly capturing movie for few minutes max should cover possible and practical requirement, but i m not entirely sure what is the best fit.
If the file size is larger, it means it will take a while to upload/sync to the cloud, which may lead user to come back to us, “very slow to upload/sync file!” which is not welcome. Off course, we are able to reply to it, “just because of your file size…”
In addition to the possible lengthy sync time, it will consume traffics of mobile device if they are not on WIFI. Uploading video file should eat the traffic quite much. If the file size is large, some app user may start to complain "you are eating too much my monthly gigabyte!! Again it is naturally happens to satisfy user requirement to upload large files though.

However, idea for max 10 secs or 25 mb should be relatively small, should be much higher. I m not on my own conclusion, but restrict max by minutes PLUS files size (but depending on the resolution and quality of the video may affect) restriction should be fair.

Thank you for your input Koichi.
Yes it is on the roadmap and we are prototyping potential option to make it possible without significant performance implications using local caches techniques and possible internal storage options, but this has GDPR and other privacy implications.
So a delightful experience is much more involved that simply treating it like pictures unfortunately.
BTW, 2 minutes video with an Iphone is about 100Mb…
How do other feel about acceptable restrictions and limitations?

Hello to both of you,

Allow me to intrude on your conversation.

On overall, extending the type of attachment that AppSheet can Upload and/or Download will truly extend a lot of user-case.

Specifically on Video,

Sure a limitation must be put for the back-end, and in less perspective for end-user too. [ I live in EU, we nearly all have unlimited data on mobile nowadays, so data usage shouldn’t be really an issue ]

Secondly no one wants AppSheet to be an illegal download platform. ( Movie… etc… )

As you mention the file size for sync duration is the mean aspect to think of, end-user experience as to be taken for global acceptance and use of this kind of feature.

1- For me, it’s mandatory to have both options, from the camera and from the gallery. [read and analyze properties files, duration and reject video over the specification]

2- If Video are capture with the inApp interface, having an option for controlling the length and resolution, maybe framerate in AppSheet editor. [ directly constraining the end-user]

A transverse subject having the same control for picture will be a best, mostly for aspect ratio ]

Device camera setting via AppSheet should be pretty easy to implement for Android and PC users, iPhone will be nearly impossible.

I can share 2 User-Case with you.

1- Inspection building site, mostly my workers record a video following a linear path of a cable, this is cut by sections. [ room, level, elevation, point of interest, etc… ] a 90 seconds limitation will be fine.

2 - Specific point of interest located at a single spot. usually 15-30 seconds video. ( water leakage, degradation, etc… ) ( pin on a XY map of the building site )

For both a Full HD resolution video is perfect. [ no need for high framerate, 24isec is already to high ]

Sadly i couldn’t implement that in Appsheet, so i used another platform for this specific role app. [ Microsoft: Powerapp ]

Thank you Jeremie. Your description of usage scenario is upmost useful and valuable to us. Really appreciative of this. @Arthur_Rallu ^ FYI.
I invite others to share their scenario too the same way Jeremie just did as it will help us figure out the best approach that will address the most common needs.


2 min with approx 100 mb bar sounds reasonable and comfortable to me.

App possible features will shut down the mobile camera when timer reaches to 2 min in this case?

Restricting by file size sharp could raise another dispute . The length of movie the user can enjoy should vary based on quality and resolution . If we take shots with device camera with low resolution we could take more than 2 min with 100 mb data size.

It could be very clear indication to user by saying you have max 2 min. Rather than saying max Xx mb… if we say in terms of max file size , naturally user should ask, by the way what is the max duration of movies we can capture in terms of minutes .

So in our case, we would want to limit video usage anyway for the sake of being concise and efficient.

The 10 sec scenario would be sufficient for our needs, while driving a preferred behavior when team members use the app. 10 seconds would cover maybe 95-98% of our particular needs.

30 seconds max would be good

Hi everyone,
I thought you might be interested in this.

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