Video Presentation - can you change frame siz...

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Video Presentation - can you change frame size or present in pop-up window

Hi, I’m new to AppSheet and one of the apps I’m in the process of creating has a number of presentation videos in it. Problem is, they appear in a very small frame and also slightly off centre. Whilst I realise they can be opened in YouTube I really want to discourage this and use the device’s native browser. Any suggestions as to how I may be able to (1) change the frame size or (2) enable a pop-up for the video to be viewed? Hopefully someone will know the answer to this. Many thanks, Steve

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@StudentHomes_Plymout Hi, unfortunately it is not possible to customize the size of the in-app video frame. Also, except for opening the video in Youtube using the video URL, it is not possible to open the video in a popup at the moment.

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Hi Dinh, although not what I was hoping to hear thank you for your prompt response and the clarification provided.