Videos within apps

I’ve been able to successfully embed YouTube links into some apps. And I think my question is more about video quality than appsheet. When the videos are expanded to full view they are blurry for a few seconds. Is there something I can do either on making the video or exporting it from the editor to fix this?

Also, I noticed in the web browser I have the ability to make the video full screen but not in the mobile view. Is there a fix for this?


Hi @tcanelli I’ve had issues with the blurry video as well but that’s usually related to a slow buffer, something unrelated to AppSheet.

I’ll try to get you an answer on the video sizing for mobile view :slight_smile:

I have the same problem when trying to have my videos full screen.
I have an App launcher, and i have removed the option of Launch externally and it doesnt allow me to full screen the videos on the website. Is there anyway yo fix this? i really need your help!