View a summary of where a table, slice or view is currently being used or connected in the app

Hi all,

I’m trying to clean up the design and function of an app. And I realize I have all of these tables, slices and views that are no longer being used. But I’m nervous about deleting things because I can’t always remember what I was using it for. Or more importantly what it’s connected to.

It would be great to get a quick summary of the connections/uses for each element BEFORE deleting. So you can make an informed decision.

Hello. It’s not a perfect answer, but each app has a built-in and auto-generated documentation page. On this page, you would want to do ctrl-F to find words and phrases - not very elegant, but at least would give you some of the answers you are looking for. To your point about “check before delete”, this page would not help here…

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Thanks I didn’t know this existed.
But yes to your point unfortunately it doesn’t solve the issue.

Case in point yesterday I deleted two actions thinking they were redundant with a new workflow I was putting in. Nope they were actively being used by another workflow.

Perhaps it’s just me. I have a tendency to use a design first and document later approach. That’s how I Beta test. But I’ve clearly outgrown that. Without this feature it looks like I’ll have to invest that time in creating architecture docs.

I was just hoping that since the system can give you warnings and errors after something has been removed that it could somehow do a scan and give you those warnings and errors between when you hit the delete button and when you hit the are you sure button?

Thanks Ty

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