View actions in Dashboard Interactive Mode

Hello! I am creating a messaging app and have set a Dashboard view to show the inbox and the message detail in one view, it is working great! What is not working so well is marking the message as read. Before setting up the dashboard I had created a sequence of actions called “Open Message” which set the value of column READ to TRUE and then opened the detailed view of the message. I then set this action as the row click action in the view behavior dropdown. This works when NOT in the dashboard view. It appears when in dashboard view, the view behaviors are ignored. Is there a work-around to this or perhaps a better way of tracking when a detailed view of a record is opened (IE when a message has been read)? Thanks in advance for the help!

Show that action button as “Display Prominently” on your detail view.

Perhaps I didn’t explain it well. The action is not a button, rather the behavior when a row is clicked in the Inbox (Deck View) of the dashboard.

Location where action is defined as row click in the Inbox view:

The Open Message action is a group of two actions. The first action sets the value of a column called READ to TRUE. The second action opens the record.

I remember trying to do something similar and it not working. Tagging @Phil

Any other thoughts on a solution for this?