View app as user in 'free' developement

Just building my first ever app with the free version and while I can get others to ‘collaborate’ is there a way I can see on another device how the app would work for a ‘user’ who downloaded the app should it become a free or paid for app on the android Playstore.

I have seen the option somewhere (but can’t find it now) but when clicked it gave a warning (of impending doom, end of the world as we know it?) something may go wrong.

Not sure what you’re asking. Maybe this?

Or maybe you just need to install Appsheet on your device, and open your app from there?

What I would like to do is build a standalone app. that could be offered free or low cost to a number of users (possibly via Google playstore). I am struggling to understand the billing system but this would seem to be a Public Publisher Pro Plan (try saying that after a few whiskeys lol) but I can’t see that in the pricing list. Not sure if that means a Starter Subscription for every different app I create (probably only one for a while at least) that can be used by any number of users. That means a subscription just to test the app as a user rather than the creator.

Unless I’m getting that wrong!