View data values of a specific date in a Calendar

Hi - I have an XL sheet which basically captures static data for a specific date in each columns, something in the following form

date, data1, data2 … data n
date column is the key to this.

I am looking for an app that displays a calendar. On clicking a specific date, it should show the data1 to data n.

I imported the XL and enabled calendar view on UX but it seems that i cant view the data on clicking a specific date. I thought this would be a basic functionality but it seems no action is generated on selecting the date .

Is there a way to show the data on selecting a specific date? Am i missing something?

The calendar view displays “cards” and each card is limited to showing information from only 1 column. You can create a column that concatenates other columns together and then show that. It also color-collates cards based on the column set as the Category.

From the calendar view, you would click the “card” to see the entire row in a Detail view.

The setup should be straight-forward. If you are not seeing the cards within the calendar then you likely have something configured wrong.

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Hi - I am attaching the images of Data setup (with Date being the Key) and the UX view where i have set the calendar as “View type”.

When i click on a specific date(which has the data) the cards are not available.
Indeed its a straightforward thing, but i dont know if there is something basic being missed here.

You can build a “Dashboard View” and turn on “Interactive mode”
Add 2 view: one Calendar, and one Detail View.
So when you click on Data on Calendar, Detail View will show detail
You can copy this Sample and research more

Hi Tuyen - Thank you for the response. I tried with your sample app and modified accordingly since you already had set it up. Unfortunately its not working in this app. I am not too sure how the app determines the event and the details to be shown. Attached are the screenshots.

Was able to fix the issue. Issue was that calendar was not setup properly with start date and end date.