View data values of a specific date in a Calendar

Hi - I have an XL sheet which basically captures static data for a specific date in each columns, something in the following form

date, data1, data2 … data n
date column is the key to this.

I am looking for an app that displays a calendar. On clicking a specific date, it should show the data1 to data n.

I imported the XL and enabled calendar view on UX but it seems that i cant view the data on clicking a specific date. I thought this would be a basic functionality but it seems no action is generated on selecting the date .

Is there a way to show the data on selecting a specific date? Am i missing something?

The calendar view displays “cards” and each card is limited to showing information from only 1 column. You can create a column that concatenates other columns together and then show that. It also color-collates cards based on the column set as the Category.

From the calendar view, you would click the “card” to see the entire row in a Detail view.

The setup should be straight-forward. If you are not seeing the cards within the calendar then you likely have something configured wrong.

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Hi - I am attaching the images of Data setup (with Date being the Key) and the UX view where i have set the calendar as “View type”.

When i click on a specific date(which has the data) the cards are not available.
Indeed its a straightforward thing, but i dont know if there is something basic being missed here.

You can build a “Dashboard View” and turn on “Interactive mode”
Add 2 view: one Calendar, and one Detail View.
So when you click on Data on Calendar, Detail View will show detail
You can copy this Sample and research more

Hi Tuyen - Thank you for the response. I tried with your sample app and modified accordingly since you already had set it up. Unfortunately its not working in this app. I am not too sure how the app determines the event and the details to be shown. Attached are the screenshots.