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I am currently building an app for logging out inventories from my warehouse. The process would be:

  1. Create a pick up record(driver name, date, plate no+++)
  2. Scan and RECORD a list of ORDER NUMBERS Via scanning barcodes.
  3. Driver of the truck will then SIGN.

Currently, I can do all these however, the scanned barcodes are not displayed in the ORDER NUMBERS List. Scanned barcodes, however, show up in the g sheets. Hope someone can help

Please provide more information about how you have this setup, and how you are wanting it to work. Screenshots are best.



Hi! thank you so much for the prompt reply. I uploaded a GIF for a clearer view of my work.

So the codes are the end are supposed to be scan, so there is a loop. The problem is, to end the scan, I have to press cancel, else the SCAN page wont be exited. I just want to:

  1. Have a better way of exiting the scan page so that my scanned codes can be saved
  2. I want to see on the form how many ORDER NUMBERS have been scanned.

Hope you can help me and again, thank you so much.