View is consistently showing the wrong columns

I’ve removed and added new tables and views but this continues to show up.
It’s only one view at the moment.

Selection_545 Selection_544

Hi, just a question, in the Phone information, seems to appearing the address information.
Have you by the way changed the position of the columns and not clicked in Regenerate Structure in the Table inside Appsheet interface?

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I’ve regenerated in addition to removing the table and view and re adding them. Also, removed any formatting in the sheet, in fact even created a new sheet and it still shows the data in the wrong columns…dunno…

In Data >> Tables, in the top bar for this table’s configuration, click View Source. Are you taken to the expected spreadsheet file?

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sorry for the delay…I checked the source, in fact disconnected and reconnected a few times just to verify. Ultimately what I noticed was how gsheets was displaying the sheet, i.e. I think it was more of a connection issue, which most likely is on my end. We had a few storms that came through and disrupted pretty much everything and once the storm passed and everything settled down gsheets began loading the files much faster…who knows…