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I’ve created an app for delivery drivers. There is 10 delivery routes. All of the locations for each route is contained in one excel file and I’ve split the 10 routes using slices and added each route to the menu. How would I go about creating a launcher (similar to an App Launcher) for when the driver logs into the app, instead of having them click on the hamburger menu to get to their route?

UX --> Options --> Starting view

If you have a view with the right information that the user can access from hamburger menu, just make that the starting view.

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HI Kirk, thanks for the reply. The items in the hamburger menu are slices from on Excel sheet. These slices are separating each of the routes. I’ve attached a screenshot of the hamburger dropdown menu. It’s possible to select these and make everything in the hamburger menu as the starting view? How would I do that?

Right now I have the app opening to the “about” page. But then it goes to a blank screen. Obviously I can instruct the delivery drivers to click on the hamburger menu and then find their route, but it’d be better if the app opened to a list of routes.

Hi @Terry
Have a look at the Oil Rig check sheetssample apps . You may get some ideas from there.


Unfortunately you can’t set the hamburger menu as a “Starting view”. You need to create your own view that you can use for that purpose… as @Lynn was referring.


I looked for the sample app @Lynn referred but couldn’t find it. I find it difficult to search for apps in the Sample App Directory

And, there are these sample apps but I wasn’t sure which one would be relevant:

It would be nice to have a single database for sample apps with a really good search function.

Now, in regard to your issue Terry, it seems that you can use an expression to determine which view to show:

I haven’t tried it but perhaps you can make an expression that shows a different view, depending on who the user is.

I believe it’s this one…[doc_type][0]=Apps&is_v=1


Hi @Terry @Kirk_Masden I was on my phone and didnt have the link to the apps.


Thanks!! I can see how the opening menu could be used in Terry’s case. It might be even cooler if each user could be taken to the specific view she or he is supposed to work on via the kind of expression I described above.

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Thank you all for your input. I appreciate it! I’ll take a look at the sample app Lynn provided and hopefully make it work for our app’s needs.