View not sorting dates at all

View not sorting dates at all, on a table view


Think We tried that, cheers Lynn

You might have tried what @Lynn had offered but I’m afraid you may not have read it carefully. Would you mind giving some major details or should we bring out our palantir to the table and ask from it? Thank you.

For example;

  • What have you tried?
  • Are you using a VC with expression to sort the table data or just sorting around a column?
  • By what means do you think that the table data is not sorted?
  • Any screenshots showing the issue?
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Tried sorting dates from three date fields
just using table sort
Dates all over the place!!!

Can you give us a screenshot from this table view’s details?

Are you trying to be difficult? You’re definitely achieving it.

The column you’re grouping on is not a Date value, it’s a Text value:


In fact, they are sorted correctly, as Text values in ascending alphabetical order.

To get a listing grouped by month in ascending date order, you’ll have to group by a column of type Date, but you won’t be able to display only the month and year–you’ll have to display the entire date. Consider adding a column with an App formula of (EOMONTH([Paid Date], -1) + 1) to contain the date of the first day of the month, then grouping by that.

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