View onload

Hello, is there a method when a form or view is loaded that an expression can be triggered to run. I have a couple of tables that currently contain formulas. I would like to move these formulas into the app instead and then updated when the the view is loaded.


There’s no way to trigger a function when a view is loaded but you could update columns in a couple of different ways. For example, using a prominently displayed Action button ( or using a Form saved Event Action ( after a form save. For another common way, see this

If you don’t really need to store those values in a real column, then you can make them into virtual columns which are always updated.

Actually, it is possible, but it’s convoluted and very delicate.

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Thanks for the feedback. I currently have process that is calling set expression though an API, this is done on a schedule. I would like to configure so the data is always updated when the user opens the view.


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