View only specific rows


I need to show a view of Establishments specified by region. The only way I know how to do it now is like this:

When I click to one of the regions it takes me to detailed view:

And only when I click or tap view, I am able to see the gallery view of establishments by that specific region:

Is there a way to skip details view and jump directly to the gallery view? It doesn’t have to follow this exact configuration. I just want to avoid an unnecessary click/tap.

I am using this form because the gallery view doesn’t have a Group by feature and the Deck view doesn’t have an option to display a gallery of images, and I need a gallery.

Thanks you.

Hi @ardi_kule

You could benefit from using a dashboard view, and ticking the “Interactive mode” option.
This way, you can dynamically displays items that depends on the region you select.

Does that help you ?


For reference: