View optional fields without value in Details View


I have a AppSheet Application that its has multiple Details views (5 exactly) and some forms fields are optional. When I open a Detail view, the optional fields that not have a defined value is not visible in the application, as observed at image.

In this example, the Weight and Measures should to show 8 columns, and only show the required column (Weight) instead of the 8 columns as I need

The question is, there is a option, alternative for view this fields in the Details view?


For optional columns , you could have some suitable initial value , say a blank (" " ) or something similar for those columns to show up in details view.

In the sample detail view, Street, City , State are optional fields with an initial value of " ".

Till those are filled in , they will show as below in the detail view.

Just push “true” to all the fileds SHOWIF constrain.
If the data value is null, still fields name appear on the detail view.