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It would amazing if the list of my products in the app would be displayed randomly when ever the app is opened. At this moment I can only choose sort by ascending or descending and its boring as the app seems static.

AppSheet team kindly look into this please or if there is a way to achieve what I want let me know. Thanks

This is entirely possible now, you just have to know how to do it: add a virtual column to the table you want randomly sorted. Give the column an App formula expression something like RANDBETWEEN(1, 999999). Sort by that that column. Give that a try. If that isn’t random enough (it may not be), we can adjust it.

See also:

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Hi Steve, thanks for the advice. I have tried as instructed but for some reason I don’t know it’s not working. Could there be something I’m missing or is there another way? Thanks

Maybe Kirk has a solution? I think he is into this sort of thing?

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Please detail what you did, with screenshots if possible.

Thanks @Lynn! Yes, I’ve been interested in generating random orders that only change periodically – not every time a change is made in the app. @Arthur_Siloka, here are some posts on the topic that I have made in the past:

This second one has an ingenious solution from @Steve. :slight_smile:


Thank you. Your solutions does the treat. It’s everything I wanted.


I just followed what @Kirk_Masden had done