View orientation on mobile device


Is it possible to “force” an orientation of a view? I.e landscape view if a certain view is opened? Could be really useful for columns of signature type.


I’m afraid we don’t have that kind of feature at this moment.

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Thanks for the reply!

@Punch You’re welcome

I understand what you want probably.

When your users put “signature” on the mobile phone, you want to guide the app user to do it on the landscape mode, where it is far easier as more space to write on with wider “width”.

To guide user, why dont you place an “text guide” with either virtual or physical field with app formula “Turn your phone to landscape when you sign” just beside, i.e. before the signature column so that your user notices that landscape will make their life easier ? rather than sign on portlait mode?

Just as an idea.

Thanks. That will probably work for now :slight_smile:

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