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I have an app where we manage sales leads of our Tele-Calling team. I want to create a Slice for my data where i can only see those rows for which the user has made any change.

To be more specific i have a column named “Next Follow Up Date” and the Data type is set to date where the user can select a future date to remind that the user has to call this person today. I want create a slice where i can see only those rows for which the value of “Next Follow Up Date” was changed today. Unable to find a relevant expression. Please help.

Could you update if the following understanding is correct?

If there are 100 records with “Next Follow Up Date” in the table and the users change the "Next Follow Up Date” date field for say 20 records today out of these 100 records and set for various different next follow up dates. Then you would like to have a slice of those 20 records, even though the “Next Follow Up Date” in those 20 records may be set to a different date for each record?

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The user after talking to a person marks a date in the calendar for which i have created a separate slice to show the leads for which next follow up date is of today. What i want is to basically have a view where in can see on which leads the next follow up date was marked for the future but the marking was done today.

Thank you. Please consider using a ChangeTimeStamp field that tracks the changes in the “Next Follow up Date” field . With this tracking field, all the records where “Next Follow up Date” has changed on a particular calendar day will have same date in the ChangeTimeStamp column. Say this ChangeTimeStamp column is called [TrackNextFollowupDate]

Please base your slice where you wish to see today’s changes with an expression something like



Wow, that worked like a charm, i could have never figured it out on my own. Thank you so much.

Also the screenshot which i posted above, you can see a column of Last Call Date, Can you also share me a way where in if the user today has selected a future date in Next Follow Up Date Column then Today’s Date get’s automatically updated in Last Call Date Column. I Tried _ThisRow_Before, I tried to create a Bot but got no luck till now.


If the Last Call is always to he auto updated through app formula , then you can use the expression DATE([TrackNextFollwupDate]) in the “Last Call Date” as well.

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Getting this error

I should paste this expression in Data - Columns - “Data Table” - “Last Call Date” - Formula Right?

Sorry, there was a typo in my previous post. I have corrected it. Please place it in app formula if the column is always auto populated and not by user.

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Done, both of my queries are resolved. Thank you for your help. :slightly_smiling_face: