View Source has disappeared

The View Source button has disappeared from the Table view
I use that all the time to jump to Google Sheets.
Will it come back?

Still there for me. You got a screenshot?

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Its there for me too. You might be in Columns

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not in columns either

I believe you are viewing an app definition that you do not have edit permissions on. That is why you are missing so many buttons, as well as why the Types in the column view are greyed-out.

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Try to heavy load the app by hitting CTR+SHIFT+R on your keyboard at the same time.


It’s showing again now.
@Marc_Dillon that may have sort of been the reason. Other things were greyed out and different times.
I just checked the Users and I added myself, as I’ll be transferring this to someone else in future. But I was just a User and couldn’t Edit.
Maybe it was getting confused about what I could do :slight_smile:

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I have never seen google-1 as a datasource.

perhaps reconnecting the source path to the actual sheet will fix the issue.

It’s reappeared now.
Thanks anyway.