View Tipe:Form writes in multiple tables

Hello, I have a form that is writing in two tables on my google sheet, only when I add new record …
I do not know how this is happening. Is this even possible?

The Form View is based on a slice and only writes “where it should not” the values of the columns present in the slice.

Table where its supposed to write…

Table where its not supossed to write…

I do not know if it’s something I’m doing wrong, but I can not figure out why this happens …
Anyone else had this problem?

You should give more details please. Do you have an action assigned to your mains form’s Form Saved action? Do you have a workflow rule triggered by adding a record to the table? Do you have slices? Do you have reference between these 2 tables?

No, I have no action defined in the “Save Form”

I have two Workflows triggered in Updates_Only that send notifications and emails

The Form that generates the two records is based on a Slice
There is no action on the slice either
Slice is in Update mode is in Adds only

And the tables in question are not linked with references in any way

I think it must have something to do with Slice because the columns that are written “where they should not” only have the columns that are in the slice

I also have several actions for the view in question but they are all for “Update”
Only two are for “App: go to another view within this app”
but do not refer to the table where the second record goes

Target: Adicionar CatRp
LINKTOFORM(“Catalogo_Form”, “Tipo”, [TipoGadget], “Marca”, [Marca], “Modelo”, [Modelo], “NumModelo”, [NumModelo], “Ano”, [Ano], “Preço Compra”,[Compra],“Preço PVP”,[Venda])

Target: Adicionar Comprar Butão
LINKTOFORM(Compras_Form, NumRp_Cp, [ID #], TipoGadget, [TipoGadget], Marca, [Marca], Modelo, [Modelo], NumModelo, [NumModelo], Cor, [Cor], Venda, [Venda])

@iFix_Gadget would you please send an email about this with details to Also… add your account ID, app name and table names. We would also need to know how did you add that record step by step.

Oh my God, nevermind.
is a task of the zapier who is doing the second registration …


Sorry for wasting your time, I’m new to this and it’s my first app.
I really appreciate you trying to help.

Glad you were able to solve your issue!