View type Detail or form

Hi there, with my app I interact with the users I have a table with data coming from the backend and I need information from the user, I decided to split the table using forms tabs because it looks great! but I realized that one of the columns has a file type, it means that I need to add a file so the user could download it, buuuut with the form view I dont know if the user can download it instead of upload it.

I know I can fix it using a detail view but it doesnt have a tab page style wich is what makes it look great! :frowning:

Can somebody help me please.

Hi Sergio.

Would users be receiving the same file? If so, you could direct them to the detail view to access the file after submitting the form.

You could implement this feature by specifying the “Finish View” in your form view settings (see the above screenshot).