Viewing images of files inside my app

I am building an app to help streamline invoice approval and denial. I have already put into place a way to view the invoices with the normal way appsheet lets you view files, pdf open in chrome and other files get downloaded for viewing. If I convert the files to images(.png/.jpg) I can view the file inside of the app without going to any other page etc. but the images are cut off depending on the image. Most lose the top inch and bottom half inch while others lose a few inches on all sides. Is there a way to have the image be fit to the view instead of auto sized?

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There is an option to view the PDF files directly within the app.

In a nutshell, I created a way to record the saved file locations into a table that I can then list in a table view and tap on File action to view the file.

If that appeals to you, this thread below goes into great detail about how to build it. I do warn ahead of time, it is not trivial - maybe a few hours of time. I can help if you need it.

Does this bring them up inside of the app window? This app is for use in a chrome/IE browser window and having the documents open up in a separate tab or being downloaded is not the desired behavior.

Now I understand your need.

Yes, opening a file from the app displays it in a separate file viewing tab though it is an viewer.

I stupidly purposed the idea that we could do that through iframes in a custom built webpage so I am trying to not do that.