Viewing of data from another app in 1

Hi I have already created an app, I want to create a copy of the same app with the same google sheet data,

Can I view the data created in the second app on the first app and also will the data I edit in 1st app be visible in the second app

When you copy app, don’t copy data. Then second app will live on the same data source you use for the first app.

But as admin will I be able to see data entered by user in 2nd app in the first app itself…so that I don’t have to jump between apps

Sorry, I dont understand what you mean.
You have now two app, both apps are viewing the exactly same data…

Two apps different users…same data…same source of data… on what I want to know is when someone enters data in app2 (that’s a copy of app1) will be able to see that data in app1.

I want to know this as I don’t want to be juggling between apps to see data which is from the same source

Ah, okey.
Unfortunately, it is not possible for the moment.
If data is update, added, or deleted on one app, then user on the another app is only know those facts when they explicitly sync app.

The backend of app (data source) is not push the change to the client (app).