Virtual column disappearing from form view

Hi, is there a reason a virtual column would disappear from a form view if adding a new column to the table the virtual column is part of and regenerating the structure? I don’t believe i have any constraints on the virtual column other than a show if that references an existing column being blank. I don’t see the connection, yet if i add a new column to the table and regenerate, the virtual column disappears from the form view. Also won’t reappear if I delete the new column and regenerate again. Thanks in advance!

Are you using a slice??

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A column with a blank value that is not editable (e.g., a blank virtual column) is not displayed in form views. If the virtual column’s App formula expression produces a blank value in response to to column value changes in the form, the virtual column may disappear from the form as long as the expression produces a blank result.


I ended up sticking that column in the table the virtual column references and we are good. Thanks for the help!