Virtual column formula no longer working

Hi-I have an app that is loosely based of the AppSheets Order capture sample. It includes 3 tables. (Orders, Order Details, and Inventory) Details is has a ref column for Inventory. I have been using a virtual column to calculate Total requested product…
SUM(SELECT(Order Details[Quantity],AND([Product Id]=[_THISROW].[Product Id],[Country]=[_THISROW].[Country],[Packaging]=[_THISROW].[Packaging],[Status]=[_THISROW].“Open”,[Category]=[_THISROW].“Order” )))

I have never had an issue with this expression but suddenly it stopped working. Any ideas why that could be

Edit: Issue is Solved. A corrupted sync caused some unusual behavior all ironed out now


If you have a reference between these two tables, instead of typing your formula like SUM(SELECT(Order Details[Quantity],AND([Product Id]=[_THISROW].[Product Id],…))) you could read the quantity directly from your already generated list like…
SUM(SELECT([Related Order Details][Quantity],AND([Country]=[_THISROW].[Country]…))).
With this way you don’t need to read the whole Order Details table again. You have that list already with the virtual list column in your table.