Virtual column not showing in report

Am hoping this is a simple one:

I have a virtual column that displays fine in the app but appears as empty when I try to use it in a formula expression in a scheduled report. When I’ve tried to pull that specific value in a lookup() formula it returns 0.00 while the actual value is 62.5 and clearly displayed in the app. Help?

May I ask what kind of formula are you using with the virtual column?

I tried

<<Lookup("[key]",“table”,“value”,"[virtual column]")>>
<<any(select([virtual column],[key]=value)>>


<<Lookup("[key]",“table”,“value”,"[virtual column]")>>

should be:

<<Lookup([_THISROW].[key],“table”,“value”,"virtual column")>>

Remove the quotes around [key], prefix [key] with [_THISROW]., and remove the square brackets around the virtual column’s name.

Ok I didn’t explain well: what I wrote was this exactly:

<<lookup(“1”,”numbers”,”key”,”Last month’s rate”)>>

where 1 is the value of the key column in the numbers table where I want it to return the value of the column called Last month’s rate

@Olivia_Bryanne_Zank1 Are you using any security filter with the “Numbers” table?


anyone have an idea why this isn’t working?

I suggest you contact directly for help with this.

Steve is correct about submitting a report to support.

When you do that please provide:

  1. Your account id
  2. The app name
  3. The Report name
  4. The name of the virtual field

When the Report is invoked by the scheduler, it runs under the identity of the application owner. As a result, all expressions are evaluated using the identity of the application owner. That is why Aleksi is asking about security filters. Security filters can block access to records that the virtual field expression may attempt to access. In general, you must ensure that the Report will execute correctly when run under the identity of the application owner.

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