Virtual Column Order Issue

I have virtual “is part of” - REF_ROWS(“Job Slice”, “Customer”) pointing to a slice with the column order that I want, however it’s still showing my virtual column at the bottom of the form.
What am I doing wrong?

Make sure the view displaying the form is using your slice. The emulator in the app editor identifies which view and data set are being displayed:

It’s a nested form and it shows the original form not the actual table, is that the issue because it’s nested?

Make sure the Referenced table name matches the slice name used in the REF_ROWS() expression.



Worked, thanks!

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Next question: I forgot how to show a list from a ref that is NOT the label in the table.
For example, I need to show the computed_name, however because the label is the ID it’s showing the ID’s. I apologize, I’ve done this before but I can’t find it…call me old…:wink:

Hi @Rod
Did you try SELECT() ?

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I thought about that but will it populate the computed name when selected from a nested level? The ID shows up…

I figured it out, changed my ref and derefs to match the ID