Virtual Column Question: I want to create a v...


Virtual Column Question: I want to create a virtual column that functions like a Yes/No column.

I don’t want to store the result, but I want to trigger a workflow if user selects true Or…is there a different way to do this?


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In the workflow condition insert: [Virtual Column Name]=“YES”, the complete the workflow with what you want it to do.


That’s how I trigger the workflow. I want a “virtual” true/false function to occur on the form, like a standard Yes/No column, instead of a constant. My goal is to let the end user have the option to send or not send.

Inserting a column stores the result, I don’t want that, which is why I’m playing with a virtual column.

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@Rod I usually face the same problem at times and i don’t think virtual columns are capable of doing that. I use a column in my table dedicated to that yes/no question and allow the user to press an action button to select yes or no. Once they do that, workflow is triggered and then i set another action to wipe out the yes or no for that cell.


hmm, an action to clear the cell, I was thinking about that, I’ll give that a try…thanks!


How are you triggering and action?

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So, create a “Grouped” action that has 2 actions “Set” and “Clear”.

The “Set” action is an action that sets the value of the yes/no column (once this is set, the workflow will trigger automatically if the workflow condition is the same as i mentioned in my first comment).

The “Clear” action will the the value of that column to “” (this will clear it out.

Let me know if this works for you.


My Bad, haven’t been paying attention to the new features, workflow data change triggering an action works perfectly. Thanks for your input! Helps.

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I normally use a datetime field for this purpose because then you don’t need to clear a field and the last timestamp is recorded as well. If you trigger that function with an action button (with expression NOW()), you can add a condition rule AND(ISNOTBLANK([DateTime]),[_THISROW_BEFORE].[DateTime]<>[_THISROW_AFTER].[DateTime]) for your workflow and it will send the email only, when the action button is pushed.


Interesting. Thanks Aleksi! Extremely helpful