Virtual Column table - column name


Is there a way to show the column name in the virtual column table if the column type is URL?

In my case, if I change the column type to text, the column name in the virtual table will appear, while if it is a URL, the column name did not arise.

This is the screenshot of column type as “text”, the column name in the virtual table will appear.

It sounds that you wish to display those column names in the inline table view.

For certain column types, the column names are not displayed in the table view.

Please take a look at the last section, Displaying column headers in the article below to understand such column types.

Thank you @Suvrutt_Gurjar . It helps a lot.


I cannot find the “Explicit column headers” in the options tab.

Could you please take a screenshot from your AppSheet editor? Thank you

The article mentions that even if one sets the setting “Show the column headers” setting on, the setting is ignored for the column types listed.

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