Virtual Column to return most recent log for activity

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I have a database for customers and each activity they are engaged in. With each activity we have a log to track where each activity is.

Table: Customers (Key=Key; Name = Label)

Table: Customer Activity (Key=Key; Activity Name = Label)

Table: Customer Log (Key=Key; Activity = Label)

I need to create a virtual column in the Customer Activity Table that returns the most recent Customer Log Entry for that specific activity. I have been playing around with MAXROW and SELECT but for the life of me i can’t get it to work.

MAXROW(“Customer Activity Log Entry”, “Timestamp”, select(Customer Activity[Key], in([Related Customer Activity Log Entries], [_thisrow].[Key]))

Am I on the right track? Any suggested apps i can poke around under the hood?


The third argument for MAXROW() needs to evaluate to a Yes/No value. SELECT() returns a list.

Probably need something like this:

MAXROW(“Customer Activity Log Entry”, “Timestamp”, [Customer Activity] = [_THISROW].[key] )

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Getting closer but still no dice…

MAXROW(“Customer Activity Log Entry”, “Timestamp”, Customer Activity[Related Customer Activity Log Entrys] = [_THISROW].[Key] )

Maybe the attached screenshot will help?

I am going in circles because [_THISROW].[Key] will be contained in the Customer Activity[Related Customer Activity Log Entrys] and not equal. Thoughts?

Changed “Customer Activity” to just “Activity” per your column name in Customer Activity Log Entry table.



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