Virtual column with incorrect data in view, correct in form

A virtual column in a table obtains data from another table, in form view the value is correct, but in detail view is incorrect.

When I test the formula the value is correct.

Virtual column formula:
lookup([_THISROW].[Item], “ElementosTickets”, “Id”, “ÚltimoPrecio”)

That’s not all that’s different:



Looks to me like they’re two different row with different Item column values.

The problem affect several columns, I only show one for simplicity.

I don’t understand the answer, can you explain a little more?

It seems that the problem was in the origin of the data.
The column origin has the formula:
SELECT(DetalleTickets[Precio], (and([_THISROW].[ÚltimoTicket] = [Ticket], [_THISROW].[Id] = [Elemento])))
This depends on other virtual column in the table (Último ticket) that had a formula that used [Related …] and type ref.
I change the type to number and the formulta to:
SELECT(DetalleTickets[Ticket], [_THISROW].[Id] = [Elemento])
Now it works fine.

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Well done!