Virtual columns(list) with table view

Hello appsheet friends, this time I am working with virtual columns, using them to generate checklists within a tour. I am faced with the need that the employees that make the checklists, can only load a single entry. That is to say, when pressing the “add” button, they can only do it once.


I wanted to know if there was any way from ux–>system views to configure this.

Any help is welcome.


tysm marc i follow some post and guides and i get this:

i follow the steps, the slice works good but i cant hide the original virtual list column with the “Show_IF” function

but seems like its wrong or something.


any idea whats wrong with this expression in Show_IF section?

and i use others expression like:

COUNT(SELECT(2inspeccion aib[ID],[ID]=[_THISROW].[ID])) = 0

when that count is equal to 0 you can show the ADD button,

but didnt work too…the original virtual column still visible.

Why do you use SELECT() instead of just:

COUNT( [Related...] )


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because i need to count the number of child entries per parent entry, instead the raw number of total entries from a table.

if i use only “COUNT” when COUNT(SELECT(2inspeccion aib[ID],[ID]=[_THISROW].[ID])) = 0 the “add” button never shows because the child table always had more than 1 entry.

Thats why i need to select only the child entries referred by [id] to the parent table to count.

Did “select” generates an error in the expression?

Yah, that’s exactly what the [Related…] column is.