Virtual Columns..... The more I’m getting fam...

(Tim Meske) #1

Virtual Columns… The more I’m getting familiar w Appsheet the more I’m considering making most/all columns virtual rather than spreadsheet columns.

Is this not the intent of virtual columns?

(Tim Meske) #2

On the other hand, why not stick with all spreadsheet columns and skip virtual columns altogether?

Looking to build solid apps rather than rolling with whatever gets the job done at the moment.


(Steven Coile) #3

It’s not clear to me why you think virtual columns are preferable. Can you elaborate?

(Tim Meske) #4

Good point!

I’m trying to clear up why both virtual and spreadsheet columns are an option.

I’m not yet seeing why both are made available, why not use one or the other?

I’m sure there is plenty of good reasons that I don’t yet recognize.

Was looking for clarification before I start additional apps.



Maybe the biggest difference is virtual columns can update in the app in realtime and while offline (like a total price in an order form, for example, you would want to see it update immediately as you change the quantity to order), while sheet formulas will only update when the app is synced.