Virtual Not populating email template

I have a virtual I’m trying populate in an email template. The template sends back the correct amount of rows but doesn’t populate the cells. Here’s the virtual expression.
SELECT(TimeCards[Job Address],
([Task Date]>=[_THISROW].[Start Date]),
([Task Date]<=[_THISROW].[End Date])))

Is this common and should I create the template differently? I’m using a virtual in another template, not the same expression, but it works fine.

Please post a screenshot of the template, and a screenshot of the virtual column’s configuration screen.

Here you go:

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Is the JobAddress column of the TimeCards table that table’s key column?

No the TimeCardID is…

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That’s the problem. The <<Start>> tag requires a list of row references, i.e., key column values. Replace JobAddress with TimeCardID in the SELECT() expression in the virtual column’s App formula.


Worked! Thanks Steve!

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