Visual updates to Gallery view

There’s some small fixes coming to Gallery view.

  • These are visual changes to the app; no editor changes.

1. Consistent spacing w/ responsive sizing

  • We’ve had an issue with uneven spacing for a while now. It results in some viewports as rendering with some large gutters between columns (or none at all, and images are jam packed like sardines).

We’re fixing that to get more even spacing and structure:

2. Bottom row left alignment

  • This means the last incomplete row aligns to the left.
  • This, along with left text alignment (see below) allows for an orderly visual scan of the labels and images.
  • We’ve also fixed a bug in which the last row is wedged underneath the bottom appbar in some cases:

  • This means images are more expansive, and can grow to fit many more viewport sizes evenly.

2. Bug: border round corner at bottom of image

  • Some may have noticed the bottom corners of the image picking of a rounded border in small and tiny sizes. That should be fixed.

3. Bug: title padding and margin squeezed out in certain viewport sizes

  • In some configurations, the title was squeezed up against the edge of the image and title boundary.

4. Text alignment change: left-alignment

  • Along with a more structured gallery, we’re left aligning the title text.
  • This allows the eye to quickly scan up and down, and provides a stable position for the titles in the image card. This is helpful in circumstances where there’s wide variance in label length across images.

5. Font size change: ‘tiny’ image size with smaller text

  • We’ve reduced the font size default in tiny size to 12px equivalent, which is a little more than 1px smaller. Since tiny images have smaller containers, it sizes down slightly with this form factor.

6. Tooltips on hover (desktop)

  • For titles that extend, we have truncation, and on hover, it will reveal the full title:


Congratulations! It´s beatiful.

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In terms of aignment for the items, I prefer the old style, i.e. items were centered horizontally, rather than left aligned all of them.

For instance, we are using the gallery view for view navigation menus, sometimes, and we just have few items, like three or four.

It used to be displayed in the middle of sreeen, which was perfect.

But now small chunk of cards are pushed into the upper left corner… Not user friendly.

I assume AppSheet should have been using Flexbox CSS to control the alignment.

I preferr the center alighnment with the evenly spread the space, which was old style.


I Agree with u
it’s not good, and Not user friendly


I completely agree with @tsuji_koichi on this.
In terms of Alignment, the Old style looked much better and user-friendly.

In almost 90% of my apps, I use Gallery for creating navigation menus for different views.
If there are only 3-4 icons on the screen it looks bad. Earlier it used to center itself and looked pleasing to the eyes.

Please please at least allow us to select the alignment. I strongly believe app creators should be given a choice whether we want to include the new features in the existing apps. Most of the apps were working great and now again we might need to change how the app looks because of these UI updates.

For ex - See the attached screenshots and please try to think from a customer perspective. It looks bad. Earlier everything was center-aligned and looked great.

I really hope we will be provided some solution to this. Either allow us to select the alignment or give us a choice to opt in to the new UI features.

Screenshot 2021-08-25 at 10.16.54

Screenshot 2021-08-25 at 10.13.51


I echor you.

Now new gallery view styling and appearance is getting more closer to what we see in card view…
We are losing the uniqueness in terms of gallery view styling which we used to have before.

New gallery view styling can be imitated by card view to get similar results, which is posing a question to me why we have specifically gallery view… while we lose the beauties we used to have


I believe this update has affected most of the applications with the navigation menu as you mentioned. I hope it rolls back soon. This is not at all user-friendly.


From my standpoint, more choice in app layout is always better… But if I were forced to chose between the new Gallery style vs old, I much prefer the newer style for photo gallery as well as navigation menus… just my 2¢.

I used to use gallery for navigation menus, but I have found card a much more flexible + visually appealing option since their addition… For example:


Hi Koichi,

Just to be clear, you preferred when the tiles were centered, but were you ok with the spacing when you had 2 or 3 tiles on the last row?

hi @Arthur_Rallu
Short answer is yes to your question.

Dear AppSheet Team, Please roll back this change or ideally give us the option to set the position of the label in the UX designer. While choosing the view our team very carefully considered the wording of our gallery labels to suit the layout. Sadly with this update they no longer look aesthetically pleasing. May we also have a borderless image option back (No harm in trying).


God damn it. Another update with no option to choose to go back to old style/format. It’s exactly like 2 years ago when they changed the theme/brand color scheme. It’s so frustrating i wanna scream. Visual changes are really sensitive when you have no options to choose from. My navigation menu looks… not so good. It was better.


I am not sure if this is intended or a bug but it looks really bad.

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definitely a bug. Reported…


Can you please shed some light on whether we will be given an option to roll back to old gallery view? Or to at least adjust the alignment?

I have made detailed comment above to explain my issues.

Thank you.

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Totally agree. New visual style is not visually pleasing. When I first notice it, I did not know it was done intentionally by Appsheet. I thought something went wrong with it. Spent quite a bit of time trying to see if I can fix it, but unable to find anyway to do it. Now I know why after I saw this announcement.

I think while it is good that it solve one problem, but it causes another problem. Preferably, the change should fix both problems, but if it can only fix one, I prefer to keep the old visual where it was centered.

If possible, have an option for which style the user will like to choose. Hope it can be rolled back asap.



Yes. I thought my browser error.

User should be given an option to choose the alignments.

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My menu now looks very bad!

If possible please add an option for user to choose the alignment for the image and text.

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