Visual updates to Gallery view

Yes. I thought my browser error.

User should be given an option to choose the alignments.

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My menu now looks very bad!

If possible please add an option for user to choose the alignment for the image and text.

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I prefer old style for gallery views, and wondering if grouping is getting avaiable for gallery view.
Gallery view is one of list type views, but also it is one one view where grouping is not available, not sure why.


@tsuji_koichi Gallery view has been fairly limited, and it makes sense that we allow group by, especially as it applies to other card-like views, especially with large amounts of images. That has been noted.

Another thing about gallery view, is that it’s often being used for dual purposes: a high volume ‘photo album’ style layout, and also as a low volume ‘launcher’ style component, with core actions, similar to what is seen on a lot of homepages, where it launches the user to a focused set of different tasks and locations. The launcher kind of UI lends itself to a more compact limited grid, as there’s usually only 3-10 core actions, often represented by just an icon and a label. This is the other use case we have been thinking about, especially as we start some efforts on desktop viewports as well.


It might be worth noting that AppSheet itself uses (used?) the gallery view for at least the launcher sample app, and likely in other sample apps. This approach absolutely originated with AppSheet.


@Mike_Moss I don’t want to sound rude but I don’t see a way in wich AppSheet is better than other alternatives as a ‘photo album’ solution. Personally I’m using the Gallery view just for ‘launcher’ style wich is advice by AppSheet as @Steve said.
I like the fact that you are always working hard in order to give a better UX, but I think you need more insights from the other teams to better understand how this kind of changes would impact users. Maybe even applying UX changes just after user feedback. I’m just giving my opinion, maybe you have statistics about the gallery view usage or something like that. I’m having the same problems others have said, and also think that options is the best way of introducing things


Thanks everyone for the feedback on this.

It’s pretty clear app creators have been using the Gallery View for different purposes. As Mike mentioned, there are at least 2 clear use cases: a gallery with a high-volume of images and some sort of portal to different views or apps (with usually a smaller number of options).

Some of you do not like the new UI for the second use case, primarily because of the left-alignment of the tiles and the left-alignment of the text within each tile. When there are less tiles, it’s not as important for the eye to be able to quickly scan the tiles - one of the benefits of the new UI.

We’ll work on enabling this use case and get back to you after. Note that the solution will not let app creators control each of these settings (text alignment, tile alignment, spacing between tiles, padding, etc) independently. While we understand that some of you would like to have that kind of customization flexibility, our aim is to provide a cohesive UI that works well, that is more easily maintainable, and that gets app creators to a working app as quickly as possible.



Here´s my vote also to go back to center the text under the icons in Gallery View!

Thanks @Arthur_Rallu for hearing us out, and look for a solution.


The “About” page still looks ugly left aligned as well.


A hide text option Too.

Updates on use cases

To recap a comment I discussed w/ Koichi: There’s two patterns we see people using the Gallery view for. Here’s a peek about our thinking on this.

1. The Image gallery pattern

We have the photo style, expansive gallery. That’s the primary changes I showed at the top of the post. It’s suitable for high cardinality, image based browsing: comparing, choosing, etc.

Now, I want to discuss the second use case I mentioned: that of a Launcher style UI.

2. The Launcher pattern

For the launcher use case, we tend to see destinations or core actions, often expressed as an icon, with a brief text label (similar to a phone home screen). It’s ‘go somewhere’ or 'do something’.

Even before the changes to gallery view, we don’t think that a launcher UI grid has to span all the way across a large viewport.

Let’s illustrate a difference: You have 8 or so base destinations or processes.
(Launcher UI patterns tend to be lower cardinality than image galleries)

Layout: a unified grid (tablet / desktop)

On mobile, this won’t really be different. Items will be placed at the top, and there’s only room for a few columns max. Space is always the constraint. Items are naturally packed together.

It’s tablets and desktop where it renders a bit different. Our goal is a contained grid-like structure that doesn’t stretch too far across the viewport, and maintains structure. We want to avoid the bottom row with just one or two dangling items. Here’s a sketch:

Determining the columns to rows balance is something we’re working towards; this is a heads up.

Image / icon sizing

Another change we want is for your icons to have some whitespace around them. Currently, since the image is automatically set to ‘fill’ the card, we see a lot of apps where icons have little to no space and bleed to the edges:

We’re planning on having a way where we can fit the images. We want to cut down on some of the slicing and dicing work you’d have to do so icons fit in a balanced way.

Stay tuned for more…


This is great.
For the text at the bottom on each tile, we prefer to be center aligne, I reckon this is also taken into account for the upgrade, thank you for listening to our voice!


Very Nice…thank you for listening to our voice :call_me_hand:


Before my menu gallery was this:


Now it is like:

Hey wait… what is that sidemenu? It looks awesome. :heart_eyes: And how do I make it like that?


Great. I’m sure this changes will make our user’s experience better

I agree! My whole team is pissed at me


Hi @Mike_Moss have you seen this post?