Visualization according to the user

I have an exclusive table called Inspections. I put two deck views for that table. One should appear only for user X and the other for user Y. But I want each user to see only the inspections that they themselves performed, each in their own display. How can I do this or would it not be possible?

If you use either security filter or slice for that table, you won’t need two different views for this purpose. You can handle this with one view only.


For inspection table, add [Useremail] field, and capture the useremail address down there. This should be captured when the user create new inspection, so initial value is set to USEREMAIL() expression.

Then create slice with expression - [Useremail]=useremail()

User this slice to generate new view, where only the inspection performed by the login user will be displayed.

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And we are referring this feature…


do I need to create this email table within the inspection? I have a separate table with the record of all users. Would there be any way to reference this user table?

Would I have to filter from the user table?

No, for the filtering that’s not needed.

But wouldn’t it have to be according to the user logged into my application?

It depends on what you want to achieve.

If you want to show and present the inspection reports only made by the login user, then follow my previous post.

If you are okey to show all the inspection, but you want to GROUP inspections by users, then you can also achieve that, by making useremail field in inspection table set to REF to user table you have.

In that way, when you open the one user out of view made out of user table, then related inspection made by the particular inspector will be listed up as INLINE, i.e. as child table.

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In my inspection table, I already have a field that references the user’s table. I just want the user to see the inspections he has performed. I can group by user, but that’s not what I want.

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Then security filter and/or slice should be the option for you


Got it. Thank you!

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